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Do You Have Investing FOMO?

    You get it: you need to invest wisely in order to grow your wealth. You understand the importance of getting your money into the market, and you’ve been diligently contributing to retirement accounts and maybe even a brokerage account for years now. But you can’t help but wonder… are you investing in the […]

How to Write a Nasty Email or Blog

  At one point or another, you’ve probably opened an email only to find it was full of negative comments or even hate. The person on the other end was clearly angry or upset, and now you’re bearing the brunt of their frustration in the form of this ‘nastygram.’   It’s incredibly hard not to […]

How Much Is Too Much College Debt?

  Over 44 million Americans walked away from their time in higher education with some amount of college debt. The total amount of student loan debt collectively carried by college students and grads today is $1.45 trillion, and the average 20-something-year-old borrower pays $350 per month on their loans.   There’s no question about it: […]

Why Average Investors Don’t Beat the Market

Most people invest in order to grow wealth over time. It’s only natural to want the biggest returns possible as part of that process. But focusing on returns isn’t necessarily a sound investment strategy — and it could be part of what leads average investors to perform so poorly. In fact, average investors don’t just […]

Resist Progress at Your Own Peril

Ask most people who watch TV and cable news if they think the world is safer now than it was 30 years ago, and they’ll tell you no. But if we look at the data, it’s clear that in most parts of the world — and certainly in America — we’re safer now than we […]